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Chinese Painting Techniques

Four Gentlemen painting

There are four gentleman in the online painting course. Each refers to a flower, namely the orchid.

Paintings of aquatic life-fishes

This is a popular painting subject that artists use to demonstrate their desire for an ideal lifestyle.

Lotus and Colouring Paintings

Lotus stands for a unique gentleman. It will favor painting styles and lotus history. Zhang Daqian developed new methods of depicting the lotus.

Landscape Painting

In ancient times, landscape paintings were made in a variety of ways. This included sketching masterpieces, traveling, modeling and giving expression to emotion.

This is the traditional Chinese art, which is an expression of China's unique culture, using brushes, ink slabs or sticks, paper, pigments, and ink to paint both realistic and imaginary objects. This art has many types, such as scroll painting (also known as mural painting), New-Year images, engravings and others.

Chinese paintings are not considered a science and do not fall under a particular art form. There are two types of Chinese paintings: color-ink and ink wash. They can also be divided according to tools and material, like the oil, gouache, or water-color.

Chinese paintings are classified based on the different uses they receive. They can include murals, serial pictures for New-Year, illustrations, etc. Chinese paintings are classified according to their themes. We can divide them into figure and landscape painting. Due to its style and unique technique, Chinese painting is an art that can be compared with Western oil paintings.

In general, Chinese tradition pays great importance to the presentation of essence, to the beauty and vitality of forms, to the vibrant rhythm and energy of pictures. These are the core values of Chinese culture and the direction of Chinese painting. As a nation, the Chinese never stop pursuing this goal. It's an integral component of Oriental Painting.

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