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Understanding SoulCybin:

SoulCybin is a platform that facilitates guided psychedelic experiences, primarily using psilocybin-containing mushrooms. Psilocybin - a naturally occurring psychedelic - has been extensively studied for its therapeutic effects.

Key Features

Guidance Experiences: SoulCybin delivers carefully crafted psychedelic guided experiences. These experiences are intended to be introspective, guided journeys through the various aspects of consciousness.

Therapeutic support: SoulCybin's integration of therapeutic assistance is what makes it unique. The use of trained professionals like therapists or guide is available to help users through their psychedelic adventures. This support aims at ensuring a meaningful and safe journey by addressing any emotional or challenging situations that may arise.

Customized Programming: SoulCybin's personalized programs are tailored for each user. Users can choose from a variety of programs that are aligned to their goals and intentions, including personal growth or emotional healing.


SoulCybin’s philosophy is built on the belief in psychedelics' ability to transformatively enhance experiences. The platform emphasizes set and setting. They acknowledge that the environment as well as mindset plays a critical role in the overall experience of a psychoedelic journey. SoulCybin uses a combination of guided experiences and therapy to maximize the positive effects while minimising potential risks.


Self Discover: Users who have participated in SoulCybin guided sessions report an enhanced sense of awareness and self-discovery. The psychedelic voyage allows individuals to explore deeply their thoughts, emotions and perspectives.

Healing Emotions: The use of psychedelics has been linked with emotional healing. SoulCybin provides a therapeutic container that allows users to navigate and deal with difficult emotions they may experience during their journey.

Increased Creativity and Intelligence: Many SoulCybin customers report increased creativity and insights. An altered state can provide new perspectives on problems and help you to solve them.