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It is important to take care of it, as this will keep you dry and protect the structure of your home. In order to protect yourself and the rest of your property, you need to look after your roof. Suwanee is home to a top-notch roof repair business that will help your roof. When should you call for professional help? Check out these warning signs. If you're looking for the best roof repairs, visit Action Roofing for more information.

Roof Leakage

It is likely that there are leaks under your shingles. If you notice any leaks, it is best to address them immediately. Otherwise they could cause irreversible damage to your house. As mold and mildew grow, they can pose health risks to your family. If you suspect a leak, contact an expert right away.

Shingles Damaged or Missing

Perform a quick check of your roof after any bad storms and every spring and fall. As soon as there is a noticeable number of missing or damaged shingles on your roof, have these repaired. As soon as one shingle is damaged, all the ones around that shingle are weaker and fall away more easily. It won't be long before you have large patches of shingles missing, leaving your home exposed. When you can see black or gray grains in your gutters or downspouts, it is likely that the shingles have been damaged. The shingles will be breaking down. They can last more than 50 years if installed correctly by a pro. You should leave the installation of your roof to professionals.

This can be an indication that structural damage has occurred to your roof. Gaskets which are worn or cracked around vents stacks and fireplaces should be inspected by an expert. A contractor can help you repair your roof damage if there are obvious signs that it has been damaged by a recent storm.